Using social networks to stop rape.

Using social networks to stop rape.

Using social networks to stop rape.

Today young people are connected across nations, country boarders and from the most remote area to well known suburbs. Everyone of these connected young people use social networks for different purposes, amongst them is educational but apart from one purpose it results in an additional use.

Woman are victims of rape, yes even men are raped today but the percentages of women is higher than men. Social networks provides parents with an opportunity to communicate with their children when face-to-face context is challenged. Opportunities are there but how do we stop rape by using social networks because even social network users are rapist? When social networks are used to tailor messages of stopping rape, do rapist feel threatened? because they are out there to fish for young people within social networks.

Parents tend to monitor their childrens online communications but others are ignorant about that, instead they think internet is going to teach them everything. Do young people even use pages that are availble to them, that teaches about rape? If so, why then do we still have children raped by the same person whom s/he has found on social networks?

Are social networks helping the nation to stop rape or they are creating a problem?. Gone are days when rape was taboo to talk about in our communities.


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  1. I don’t think they helping stop rape, but they disseminating information about social media rapist. maybe in few years time the goal of minimizing rape can be achieved if we pay more attention to these messages.

    • Yeah. paying more attention to the message can work,because if messages are disseminated but nothing changes then it means a way out is changing how the messages about rape are constructed or designed online.

      • sometimes it’s possible that SOME of those who advocate the “stop rape” campaign online are one with the internet rapists. so we should be careful not to be deceived by engaging on how to stop rape by giving information to the initiators of the campaign and they turn to use the info against us.

  2. Since social media users are allowed to use unknown identies and those identities are untraceable social media can never be a tool to stop rape, another reason contributing to rape is posting naked picture on social media, only if users stop posting naked pictures on their walls,
    Social media can be the best tool to stop rape but only if users are determined to stop rape through social, as long we don’t know whether those users are rapist or not we can never stop rape through social media

    • @Maphanga. I agree with you, untraceable identities is one of the major problems. We don’t know know the people behind those profiles for examples on Facebook,twitter e.t.c .Our sisters’ (and some brothers) nudity add more to the problem.

  3. social media can also be useful to the police departments to fight sexual abuse and other crimes, whistle blowing by community members through social media such as facebook may help reduce crime.

    • @Harry. You are right, the police department can use social media to fight other crimes, especially when they have to publish suspects on social networks.

      the whistle blowing,I think it is more easier by phone. your message sent to the police department will or may not be deleted then your identity as a whistle blower will not be safe.

  4. Social media and rape: It is very difficult to measure the effectiveness of online messages aimed at changing people’s perception and attitude towards women abuse. The reason is that we cannot shy away from the fact that people do not have time for blogs and long messages of what is deemed as boring messages. How often do you take time to read about rape cases and stories? Social media to the youth is for likes and comments of meaningless statuses; #tags and the likes, if you want to atest this: paste anything foolish to your page and you will get +350 likes but something encouraging and thoughtful -5 likes. In a society where we blame women’s attire for them being raped and abused, social media messsages are not enough to engage and provoke people’s curiosity. We all know that +3 of our friends still hold the perception that education is a classroom activity, so how do you use online messages to educate this kind about rape and women abuse. The use of social media networks to spread messages about rape and women abuse is an intelligent move but useless to ignorant people. Through online communication it is very difficult to identify or authenticate who is who, well a lot has been reported about rapists targeting girls online but the question is: did it stop girls from chating or conversing with strangers online and sharing nude pictures? I do not think these messages about rape and women abuse threatens rapists, it is their platform and they have mastered it thus they are aware of social media networks’ downfalls and how to counter these messages to their advantage…I write what i think is right, meshacks87″

    • @Mbhiza. I agree with you,to spread messages about rape and women via social media is a good initiative but ignorant people are ruining the plan, the rapists use the messages for their advantage. Then we have to deal with wild people online, I think those people who post nude pictures are not afraid of rape at all!

  5. Social media can both help stop rape and increase it at the same time.the question should be “does social media contribute a lot in increasing or in decreasing rape cases?

    • @Masuhla. Now that am beginning to think about your question, social media is a contributing factor on the increase of rape. We can use social media to try and solve the problem of rape, but it is as if more fuel is being added to the already existing problem.

  6. you all right guys but what i heard from people who are social networking is that majority if themm have ‘blind dates’. im asking myself that how are they going to proof their love, what if the person who is on the profile picture is not the one the user is dating! the rape start when they meet face to face when the other partner is not interested in the way his lover looks like. if we use social network in a bad way thats how we encounter problems.

    • @Lonia. I can agree that rape is a result of dissatification between two people who agreed to meet each other offline.All of them were looking for love, thats how people meet these days but one cannot gaurantee safety offline.

      • if people meet like that is gonna be a major problem dear. if people do not love you offline do you think you can make it to online people(Amanda)

  7. Social network sites are for entertainment and there is nothing that will be taken seriously on Facebook or other social network. The rapists will not be threatened because this social media people use them just to comment, share information but it cannot achieve the desired goal unless people refrain from online dating.

  8. Social networking sites will never be effective in reducing sexual abuse, as far as anonymous identity is concerned.The issue is how many rape cases were reported which were in connection with the use of social networks, and also how many people pay attention to rape awareness messages posted on social networks.

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