Cape Peninsula University Of Technology Student Suspended Over Racist Facebook Rant Calling Blacks “F***ing Brain Dead Monkeys”

Apartheid in South Africa is not yet over,people may seem to have forgot, some are constantly reminded of it, some are practicing it in private and some just do it in public.


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Today advertisers want to have a solution of the problem of clutter in advertising. This time advertising is no longer only via the internet, televison is not enough, newspapers are not enough, then how about HUMANS as a medium of advertising?

Using social networks to stop rape.

Using social networks to stop rape.

Using social networks to stop rape.

Today young people are connected across nations, country boarders and from the most remote area to well known suburbs. Everyone of these connected young people use social networks for different purposes, amongst them is educational but apart from one purpose it results in an additional use.

Woman are victims of rape, yes even men are raped today but the percentages of women is higher than men. Social networks provides parents with an opportunity to communicate with their children when face-to-face context is challenged. Opportunities are there but how do we stop rape by using social networks because even social network users are rapist? When social networks are used to tailor messages of stopping rape, do rapist feel threatened? because they are out there to fish for young people within social networks.

Parents tend to monitor their childrens online communications but others are ignorant about that, instead they think internet is going to teach them everything. Do young people even use pages that are availble to them, that teaches about rape? If so, why then do we still have children raped by the same person whom s/he has found on social networks?

Are social networks helping the nation to stop rape or they are creating a problem?. Gone are days when rape was taboo to talk about in our communities.